Grandin’s F Rockwilder

Mareline: Holstein stamm 8769

Born: 18.05.2016

Gender: Stallion

Favorit Ask Diamant De Semilly Le Tot De Semilly
Venise Des Cresle
Ukase Ter Putte Darco
Quinette Ter Putte
Clinterlin VD Leege Zijde Clinton I Carolus I
Beltic Z Eurocommerce Berlin (Caspar)
Ma July

Clinterlin as a 5 year old

Grandin’s F Rockwilder

Sired by Favorit Ask (Diamant De Semilly x Darco x Quidam De Revel)

Favorit Ask (full brother to Elvis Ter Putte) topped the Danish qualifications for the FEI/WBFSH World Breeding Jumping Championships for young horses in Lanaken. Four 5 year old horses representing Denmark was from Favorit’s first breeding season! Two offsprings made it to the final, and his daughter Fendi Ask ended on a prestigious 12th place in the overall ranking in the World Breeding Jumping Championship for 5 year old horses!

Rockwilder’s dam Clinterlin (Clinton I x Eurocommerce Berlin x Julio Mariner xx) is out of Holstein stamm 8769, the renown Buhne stamm, who have had a huge impact in modern Sport Horse breeding in Belgium and Holstein:

  • Quibery (The young Holsteiner approved stallion)
  • Thunder V D Zuuthoeve
  • Indorado Van’t Heike (Gregory Wathelet)
  • Come On (ISJ 1.60 level with Ludger Beerbaum, GER and Ralf Schneider, GER)
  • Nobless M (Pius Schwizer, SUI)
  • Fleur Z (ISJ 1.60 level Michael Whitaker, GBR, Lesley Mc Naught, USA)
  • Quistello VD Helle (1.50 ISJ level with Hendrik Denutte, BEL)
  • Stauffenberg (Stallion approved for Holsteiner Verband.
  • Quistallo II (1.45 ISJ level with Karel Cox, BEL, and Benedicte Endresen, NOR)
  • Cheers Cassini (1,60 ISJ level with Richard Davenport)
  • La Petite Fleur  (ISJ 1.50 level with Andres Arozarena, MEX)
  • Conland (ISJ 1.60 with Joacuin Cuello Martinez-Pereda, ESP)
  • Caracho 6 (approved for AES)
  • Move On (ISJ 1.60 level with Caroline Muller, GER)
  • Broere Palermo (Panic M) ISJ 1.60 level with Laura Kraut
  • Uthaquorrada (ISJ 1.45 level with Marcus Ehning, GER
  • Sky Fly SB (ISJ 1.60 level with David Will, GER, and Katharina Offel, GER
  • Lamont (approved for Holsteiner Verband)

Clinterlin’s dam Beltic Z is sister to the approved stallion Calgary Z, Carlsson 41, who jumps 1,55 ISJ level with Philip Ruping and the young Great White (former Cuban C) who was sold to the US and competes on ISJ 1.50 level with Daisy Farish.

2nd dam Ma July is a daughter of the thoroughbred Julio Mariner xx, who is believed to be one of the best thoroughbreds in the world for top sport breeding. A large amount of his offsprings jumped up to Grand Prix level, but he became even more known for his contribution into the damline!!

3rd dam Baltic, is sister to the legendary sire Come on and the famous jumping horses Nobless M and Fleur III. The impressive stallion Come On achieved lots of outstanding results in Grand Prix and Nations Cups with Ludger Beerbaum, Ralf Schneider and Princess Haya. Lots of his descendants are jumping at Grand Prix level as well. Nobless M won the Grand Prix of La Coruna and Helsinki and became 4th in the team at the Olympic Games of Beijing and the European championship in Mannheim with Pius Schwizer. Fleur III was in the top 3 at the Grand Prix of Dublin, Geneve, Calgary, Stuttgart, with Michael Whitaker and qualified 3 times for the World cup final. Fleur is also the mother of Cheers Cassini who jumped also at Grand Prix level with Richard Davenport, and Le Petite Fleur who jumped 1,50 level with Andres Arozarena (MEX)

The brothers and sisters of Ma July are all successful in sport and breeding as well. Her halfbrother Stauffenberg jumped at Grand Prix level and is the father of the famous Grand Prix horse Sansierra (Meredith Michaels Beerbaum). Ma July’s other half sister Oriente is the mother of the approved stallions Lamont (champion of the approval in Holstein) and Cipriano. Her other half sister Hansa III, is the mother of the approved stallion Quistello who jumps internationally with Hendrik Denutte (BEL) and Karel Cox (BEL), Nordica who jumped at 1,50 level with Martin Sterzenbach and Quistallo II who have jumped 145 level with Karel Cox (BEL) and Stein Endresen and his daughter Benedicte Endresen (NOR)


We have very high hopes and expectations for this Stallion, and will sell him to the right home/rider.